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"I love shea lips lipsticks! They go on smooth, unlike most lip sticks. Usually lipsticks dry my lips out, but it must be the shea butter that makes my lips feel nice and smooth. I also love the fact that Marie Deneen Beauty has the shades that I like."
- Donna Elliot, Brooklyn, NY

"I recently purchased your Cocoa & Shea Butter lotion, and wanted to tell you how pleased I was with your product. I love the fresh, light scent, and it works wonders on my dry hands. I even shared it with some of my co-workers. Thanks Marie Deneen!"
- Julie Blue, Rochester, NY

"I bought your lotions to support your causes. When I received your lotion, I used it and realized I liked the texture and scents... Being a man you usually don't pay attention to those things, but indeed I like it!!!"
- Marc Enette, Brooklyn, NY

"In the New York cold weather you need a great lotion like this! I love how part of Island Breeze's proceeds goes to Jamaica! We need an upscale product that promotes the country."
- Merline White, Queens, NY

"I just tried your hand lotion and I love it. This lotion has helped with my dry, itchy skin and smells great."
- Kristin Egbert, Rochester, NY


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