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Shea Lips Coco Lips
Berry Passionate Body Wash
A sugary sweet sensational body wash that will have your skin craving for more
Cocoa & Shea Butter Body Wash
A natural buttery blend of cocoa and shea butter that helps replenish your skin cells
Coconut Rainfall Body Wash
A satiny and creamy lather of coconut rain that purifies the skin leaving it feeling silky & refreshed
Cucumber Melon Body Wash
Refreshing and invigorating cucumber and melon extracts that will make your skin feel fresh and renewed
Island Breeze Body Wash
A fragrant Caribbean-inspired cleansing foam that leaves your skin soft and supple
Milk & Honey Body Wash
A relaxing mixture of nature's pure duo -- milk & honey. Sure to make you want to use it again, and again.